Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Big Dog

For the this weeks "Best of the Guest Generals" we go to the city of Fargo, ND. Where Big Dog, the FM 105.1 DJ takes on the Harlem Globetrotters.

Big dog is the morning show host for that station, along with Cori Jensen and Kyle Mathews. But on that night in 2011 Big Dog took on a task even more daunting than doing morning show duties. He donned the Green and Gold and took on the Harlem Globetrotters. 

As far as Big Dog's playing abilities, I can't say I am surprised he didn't help the Generals win that night. It seemed like the poor guy was never gong to get the ball through the hoop. Although I concede I don't know if I would have done better. 

Still, the mock basketball card featured in his video was worth an entry alone. I don't know what was up with that wig, I am sure if I lived in Fargo and listened to 105.1 it would have made perfect sense. Maybe it was to baffle the Globetrotters, I am sure it baffled the Generals locker room. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't seen stranger things.

Still, unlike a lot of these videos it was well edited and the variant on the Globetrotters old bit of praying for someone to make the shot was funny. Would have been better if they had gotten the Washington Generals and/or referees to join in like they used to with kids they pulled from the audience. 

I wonder what they would do if they got someone so bad they truly couldn't make the two pointer. How long would Special K or Big Easy wait before having to give up on them?

Indecently, as Big Dog's game was only three months ago I notice that this season they don't seem to be fouling the Guest Generals and giving them the two free throws any more. Michaela Johnson, another "Best Of The Guest Generals" from this season,  also didn't get to make any two pointers. 

Not sure why this is, maybe it was keeping them out on the court to long. Or maybe they were worried that they might hurt someone by accident.  

Either way I am sorry that the foul shots seem to be gone, and hope they bring back that part of the Guest Generals bit at some point. It was one of the funnier parts of the whole ream.

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