Sunday, July 24, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Mark Winnie

While having a TV news reporter as a Guest General is certainly nothing new, Mark Winnie is still something of an anomaly among the Guest Generals.

Most guest Generals who come from TV are sports reporters, or the main anchor men. Sometimes they are morning show host as well or people who handle fluff pieces. Which is logical, a Washington Generals game is definitley not hard hitting news. But on 2009 in Atlanta, GA Mark Winnie found a way to break the mold.

A reporter out of Atlanta, Mark Winnie is best known for covering hard hitting crime stories in the area. First with the news papers, and then eventually on TV with WSBTV.

But on that night Mark took a break from covering the ugly side of the news, and became part of one of the best nights of family entertainment on earth. Donning the "00" he tried, without success of course, to help the Washington Generals get that elusive win.

But what I loved most about his time with the Washington Generals was the almost obligatory article he did afterwards.

Mark focused his coverage not on himself, or on the Globetrotters. No, Mark devoted his coverage to my favorite team, the Washington Generals. He even went so far as to give a mention to each member of the team he played with.

It is no secret that I respect the Washington Generals for working just as hard as the Trotters, without taking the glory. So seeing a reporter show that same appreciation definitley made me smile.

You can CLICK HERE to read the article. For one night Mark Winnie let the Washington Generals take center stage.

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