Thursday, July 14, 2011

Going Slightly Off Topic To Talk About Jordan McCabe

I put off posting about this for a while since it was not truly about the Washington Generals, but it isn't like the Harlem Globetrotters play for a different basketball league. So I decided to make an exception and jump slightly off topic. The perks of running your own blog.

Since the recent Globetrotter Draft I have been watching some videos of Jordan McCabe and I got to say this kid amazes me. I sense that we are seeing the birth of something huge every time I watch him.

For those who don't know or didn't read my report on the draft, Jordan McCabe is a 12 year old basketball prodigy. He caught national attention when a video featuring him performing dribbling tricks went viral. The video is below for anyone who hasn't seen it.

 It also caught the attention of at least one pro-basketball team. The Harlem Globetrotters.

Exercising what they call a "Future Discovery Clause" the Globetrotters have basically told McCabe that he has a job with the Globetrotters once he is out of college, if he wants it.

Some call this a publicity stunt due to Jordan currently enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. Truth is, I don't think they are completely wrong. But I also think they saw what I am seeing, a future superstar in the making. I honestly think their "drafting" of him could be a moot point, as they may lose him to the NBA in 10 years.

Now I know what most of you are thinking, "Sure he can dribble, but so what? Can he actually play?" Well hypothetical cynics, for that proof I give you the video below.

Still think he can't play ball? And what is even more amazing is how many of those were assist. He is definitley  not a ball hog, which someone so young and so good could have easily turned into.

Now of course a lot could change in the future, most notably it is too soon to tell how tall he will eventually grow up to be. If he never gets to six feet that would of course affect his chances in the NBA.

But honestly, I don't think it matters. Even if he never gets to the top in the long career he has ahead of him, I have no doubt that if he takes the Trotters offer seriously he will do very well with them. And I can't imagine them not wanting him. At his age he will only get better by the time he is finished with college,  a lot better.

With his skills and his dribbling ability I think if we aren't looking at the next Michael Jordan we are definitley looking at a future Globetrotter dribbler. And while the Harlem Globetrotters may not become millionaires, their dribblers do make very good money.

If he joins the Globetrotters he could definitley be their next great dribbler. Dare I say it, even better than "Curly" Neal or Curly "Boo" Johnson.

I can just see a 22 year old McCabe giving that dribbling display, or an even more impressive one, to a befuddled referee. And that isn't even counting his skills on the court, the Washington Generals of 10 years from now better be ready to bring it. Of course they might once more be going by a different name in 10 years (Maybe the New Jersey Reds are poised for a comeback).

I truly believe that one day this kid will be donning the Red, White and Blue to befuddle future referee's and frustrate the next generation of Generals. Never mind he might be running from a lot of buckets of confetti in his future. Perhaps from an aging Big Easy, who knows.

Although if he truly wants to be the next great Trotter dribbler, history shows he also might have to change his name to "Curly". But I think Jordan "Curly" McCabe has a nice ring to it.

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