Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Three Types Of Washington Generals Fans

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I have some people that when I tell them about the blog, they are surprised that I get as many hits as I do. And by that I mean they are surprised I get any hits at all.

The Washington Generals are not meant to attract a huge legion of fans. The people behind the scenes go to great lengths to keep that very thing from happening.

But the truth is that while their fans are dwarfed by Globetrotter fans, much like many of the Washington Generals players are dwarfed by the Globetrotter players, the Generals most definitley do have a following. 

So what kind of people root for a team that always loses and can't keep the opposition from pulling their pants down? It is my opinion that Washington Generals fans fall into three categories. 

1.) The "Globetrotters Cheat" fans - These fans are the ones who like to point out how the Trotters bully the Generals, how they travel with the ball constantly, how the officials suck at their job. These fans are of the same breed that like cheering for the "heels" in professional wrestling. 

They obviously know that the Trotters behaving like they do beacause this is one big show, but get a kick out of cheering for the "bad guys" and pointing out the obvious flaws. But they do it all in fun, although some cross into the "obnoxiously cheering" category ,which is juvenile and uncool considering how many kids hear them badmouthing their heroes for no reason.

2.) The fans who see the Generals for what they "truly are" - This is the category I see myself falling into. These are the fans who know and respect that the Washington Generals may never win another game, but they admire the players willingness to do anything to help the Globetrotters entertain the fans, even if it means being the butt of their jokes. And they are the fans that appreciate that even though they don't "win" these are clearly great athletes who obviously love the game they are playing.

3.) The Underdog Lovers - A lot of people like to root for the underdog, in a lot of ways it is the American way. The Washington Generals are the ultimate underdog. In fact, I think the only team in sports to win fewer games than the Generals is Charlie Brown's baseball team. 

The Generals are unique in that they are one of the few "unlovable underdogs" to most people. But there are plenty of people who still respond to that underdog, and for them the Washington Generals is a team taylor made for those people. 

However, I have found some traits that I think are common place with any and all of us Washington Generals fans. 

We all like to buck the trends. Anyone can cheer for the Globetrotters but it takes a special person to root for someone you know going in won't win. It doesn't mean you respect the Globetrotters less, but there is something to be said for proving you can form your own opinion. 

The other thing I think is common to all Washington Generals fans is that deep down, we all want to see or hear of the next big win. Yes we all know it may never happen, but I think no matter which camp you fall into all Washington Generals fan's know how epic it will be when/if our boys can pull off a win one more time. 

You thought it was insane when it happened after 18 years of the Generals playing the Trotters? Imagine how big it will be when it happens after over 40 years, and with the internet to ensure it will not go un-noticed until the Trotters decide to tell us about it?

It will be epic! And I think deep down every Generals fan goes into a game thinking that maybe, just maybe, this will be the day and they will be able to see it. 

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  1. I hate (?) to tell you, but Charlie Brown's team has won more games than the Generals. Someone went through the first twenty years of strips, and counted them up. Over those two decades, they have at least nine wins. three are forfeits by the other team, and all but one happen when CB doesn't finish the game if he even started. "At least nine" because Linus takes over for an unknown stretch and they go undefeated for long enough to be worth noting.