Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Randomness Week 11

Washington Generals vs The Harlem Globetrotters in
Nintendo 64 action. 
First off, I recently heard that Brian Tracey, of Bentley University was drafted by the Washington Generals. Good luck to Tracey in what will undoubtedly be the start of some great memories touring with the Globetrotters. Maybe he will even help bring the Generals to their next win. What? It could happen!

Yahoo! Answers had someone ask the question "Should the Washington Generals basketball team release a movie called "The Undefeated" like Sarah Palin?" Palin haters might like to read some of the responses, I especially liked the one that pointed out that the Generals actually have a better track record than she does. CLICK HERE!

I reported a while back about former General Chris Poore, being named the coach of Scott High School after replacing their existing coach. Turns out Poore apparently got a better offer, as he was named the head coach of Jefferson County High School, coaching the Patriots. To read more CLICK HERE!

A lot of the Washington Generals recent series of games at the Obras in Argentina has been making it's way to YouTube. But the stand out comes from YouTube user jmzurdo8916. A good chuck of coverage from one of the games at the Orbas has made it onto his channel, with well over an hour of footage from the game, including the warm ups and the first ten minutes of game play, as well as clips from the rest of the game. Below is a list of the clips.

While not the entire game as you can see that was definitley the highlights. Thanks to Jmzurdo8916 for sharing so much of the game. While the footage was not in English as is often pointed out for a Generals vs Globetrotters game, laughter is universal. Which is definitley shown here.

And to close off the post, here is a clip from a different game in Orbas on July 22nd featuring Special K teasing the Generals before the game starts.

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