Sunday, July 3, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Rob Powers

Photo Courtesy of Rob Powers.
During 2010 Rob Powers, a DJ on the morning show with 107.1 KISS FM in Sioux City, IA was tapped as the latest Guest General.

Rob's stint started like any other Guest General as he missed his first show but managed to make his second basket attempt. All of this was while enduring the usual ribbing from Big Easy.

But then Big Easy did his usual bit of the time of challenging Rob to take the ball and shoot a basket. Rob took the ball and went for a show as Big Easy easy bumped into him and fouled him, which is the usual routine.

But then Rob did something beyond awesome, he made the basket scoring what may be the first and one. It was clear that earned him the respect of his team mates on that night. It also clearly mucked up Big Easy's usual routine, which just like with Michaela Johnson, I always love it when the Guest Generals outwit the Trotters' attempts to set them up for a gag.

Despite the fact that by basketball rules he should have only been allowed one free throw, which he missed, he was given a second attempt. As usual the Washington Generals and Trotter games are loose with the rules, plus the Guest Generals routine relies on them getting two shots. Or it did at the time, although they seem to have done away with having the Guest Generals end their game time with free throws this season.

Rob only scored 4 points for the Generals, although that is 4 more then some have scored, but for being possibly the first Guest General to score an and one, and for messing up Big Easy, he has my respect.

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