Friday, January 13, 2012

Randomness 33rd Edition

Photo by Kari Jasus. Used under creative commons.
Jew or Not Jet posted an excellent profile on the man himself, Red Klotz. To read it CLICK HERE!

Former New York National turned Harlem Globetrotter Derick "Dizzy" Grant had a good story about his visit to a prediatric ward in Evansville. To read it CLICK HERE!

The Harlem Globetrotters got their own playlist on  YouTube, and among the videos were the one recently showcased on this blog, featuring the Old Spice MANtaclause. And it was introduced by none other than former New York National and current Harlem Globetrotter, "Dizzy" Grant. Dizzy's first video of impressions of NBA players also made the playlist.

Indecently, it's awesome the Old Spice video is on there, but it once more makes me ask why the name change. Although the people running the Harlem Globetrotters YouTube channel likeley aren't the same ones who would make the call on the Generals name change. (It's also possible it was the Generals decision. I don't claim to have insider knowledge. But in the past they have never changed their names without the Globetrotters requesting them to do so.)

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