Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mr. Excel Makes Bold Prediction In Favor Of The Generals

The Washington Generals have found an unlikely supporter in the form of YouTube podcaster Mr. Excel.

For those who don't know who that is, Mr. Excel does a series of vlogs showing tutorials on how to operate Microsoft Excel. Which indecently I suck at, maybe I should watch some of them myself.

In his latest video, Mr. Excel (who it's clear from the podcast is a big fan of the Generals/Globetrotter games) makes the prediction that this season the "Washington Generals" (apparently he isn't a big enough fan to know they aren't using that name this tour.) will shock the world and win a game.

He figures with the rule of foul shots being made from the 4-point line, that the Generals in one of their closer games will get an "accidental win" should they get fouled making a 4-point shot and then make the penalty 4-point shot.

I love this theory, even though I don't necessarily agree with it.

For one, anyone who has been lucky enough to see one of their first games of the season , or watch the YouTube videos like I do, will tell you that the refferees are calling it more impartially now. Either coaches Harrison and Worthen's check's started bouncing, or no one explained to them that the deal included the Select and Elite. So I wouldn't be surprised if the 4-point shot penalties, which were clearly being used to try and benefit the Generals, are no more.

There's also the fact that while the Generals could theoretically take a good lead, were they to score 8 points that way, but that bit doesn't usually happen that late in the game. So the trotters wouldn't be able to pull out enough reams to bridge the gap in that scenario. After all these years the safetys are definitely in place now, they learned something from 1971.

I will say one thing however. When I first heard of the 4-point shot, I did think that if the Generals were hot they could theoretically rack up enough of a lead to make it hard for the Trotters to catch up. Not saying I would bet money on it happening, but his theory might not be as far off as some might think. Even if it probably was made tongue in cheek.

On a final note were something like that to actually happen, unlikely as it might be. It would be ironic if the Generals were to beat the trotters for the first time in over 40 years, but they did it while once again playing under a different name.


  1. Don't run to Vegas yet Mr. Excel

    It concerns me when people actually think it is real basketball. The Washington Generals will never win another game. The refs, the clock, the score is controlled by the Globetrotters. When the game is close a "show play" is called to make sure a victory is secure. I will say that the Generals are made up of kids with good overall games and some of the Globetrotters well lets just say they are lacking some of that overall aspect. In the end it is all fun for the kids but oddly enough I still come across adults who think that it is real basketball.

    Former General

  2. I think he meant the comment tongue in cheek. At least that's how I took it.