Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Randomness - Special Edition

Photo by Dinur Blum. Used under Creative Commons.
So why is this a "Special Edition" of randomness you ask? 

The answer is simple. Work was so hectic that I missed reporting a few of the better links in the last Randomness post. So this week only, I will be posting a second edition of Randomness. 

So without further ado...

The website "Our Sports Central" did a story on Washington General William "Bill" Richardson. Richardson is a graduate of St. Martins Uniersity in Washington, as well as a former player for the Olympia Reign of the International Basketball League (IBL). Richardson has been playing for the Washington Generals since last fall during the European Leg of the 2011 tour. The story was done to promote the 2012 tour as it came through Western Washington last week. To read the story CLICK HERE!

CBS Houston posted an audio podcast from their Mad Radio show interviewing the Generals long time nemesis "Sweet Lou" Dunbar. Legendary Showman (and the Showman when I first started attending Globetrotter games) longtime coach of the Harlem Globetrotters and the Globetrotters current director of Player Personnel . Which means he is the one to blame for Tiny and Too Tall's embarrassing the Generals with always beating them in the tip off's and Hops annoying habit to jump higher than a kangaroo.

The interview was just over 9 minutes long. But around the 8 minute mark they talked a little about the Washington Generals "Hiatus". Sweet Lou gave me hope maybe the Green and Gold will be back when he talked about them "Trying to get a better squad" and then something about them "combing" into the two teams.

He kind of fumbled his explenation of the last part which was surprising, as this can't be the first interview he had to explain they weren't playing the Washington Generals. I assumed that when the tour started the Globetrotters PR guys had to have an explanation ready to explain to any reporters who saw they were playing the International Elite or Global Select and asked the obvious question. Surprising as for the most part while I am still getting used to the new names, the decision did seem pretty well thought out.

 He did also briefly mention that "Possibly they'll be back next year". Who knows, it has mostly been wishful thinking when I hoped that the Generals would return after the story line this season was over. Maybe there is still a chance this change is short term.

Sweet Lou also made mention how beating the Globetrotters would be like "Shooting Santa." Red should really see about getting Royalties whenever that line is used.

If you would like the hear the interview, CLICK HERE!

I came across an interesting story stating that Andrew Perloff, a writer for Sports Illustrated, played on the International Elite in a game in Bridgeport, CT last Friday. The reason that is interesting is that I hadn't heard anything about any "Guest General" type players playing for the Elite or Select. I assumed they did away with it with their new identities. It is part of the reason I stopped doing the "Best of the Guest Generals" stories. But apparently they brought it back, or are doing it a lot less frequently. Incedently getting an ESPN reporter, for Football no less, might not be the best strategy for our boys to take the World Championship trophy. Just saying. To read about this "Guest Elite" CLICK HERE!

And in closing, here is a former Washington General and current Globetrotter, Jonte "Too Tall" Hall at a reported 5'2" slam dunking the ball. Yeah you heard that right, and sure maybe that isn't a regulation hoop... but it's still impressive.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Red and Gloria Klotz To Celebrate Their 70th Anniversary Today!

Today is a very special day in Washington Generals Land, as today marks the 70th anniversary of Washington Generals owner Red Klotz and his wife Gloria. The couple met on a beach in Margeret New Jersey and eventually fell in love and got married 70 years ago today.

Gloria (born Gloria Stein) helped run the business end of the Washington Generals through many of their early years, as well as serving as the timekeeper for the Generals for a long time as well. Gloria also ran a bar and liquor store in Atlantic City in the early years to help keep the team going, back when basketball was not the moneymaker it is today.

The couple had six children together, including their son Chuck who was the globetrotters public-address announcer, and their daughter Jody Ferrari (wife of current Washington Generals GM John Ferrari) who served as the business manager for the Washington Generals.

They have a whopping twelve grandchildren. Among them former New York National, Morgan "Mo" Klotz. As well as four Great Grandchildren.

Their marriage is an inspiration, surviving decades of Red traveling on the road. Showing that if you're in love and work at it, a marriage can endure even the most hectic and unusual of circumstances. The fact the Washington Generals has become nothing short of a family business shows a marriage and family that has thrived.

I wish the couple congratulations on this occasion from one of Red's biggest fans. Here's hoping for still many great years to come.


Everyone Has a Story: A losing team led to winning 70-year union for Margate couple

Red Hot

Monday, February 27, 2012

Randomness 37th Edition

Ryan Durling of InTheCapital has some playing advice for how the Washington Generals could counter the dunking sensation of the Globetrotters that is Jacob "Hops" Tucker. CLICK HERE!

I am including this link beacause it covers the game in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Which had the Globetrottes defeate the Elite by a close score of 78-76. I am always happy when the team puts on a good show and makes the Globetrotters "earn it". To read the report CLICK HERE!

Here is an interview with "Hi-Lite" that gives a nice shout out to the International Elite. To read it CLICK HERE!

I am a little late mentioning this one. But the Daily Courier mentioned a game in Prescott Valley, AZ. It mentiones the Elite playing the Trotters and being ahead 51-38 at the half. Then going on to lose 101-88. Sounds like one hell of a roller coaster of a game. To read about it CLICK HERE!

In closing here is a clip from the 2008 Harlem Globetrotters tv special. It is mostly from their background on "Special K" Daily. However the latter half of the video features long time General Shawn Faust being pantsed and even mentioned by name. Enjoy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goose Tatum Biography To Air On ESPN

The Washington Generals original foil, Reese "Goose" Tatum will be getting a biography on ESPN. The special will premiere on February 26th (this Sunday) at 9:30pm Easter / 8:30pm Central time.

Tatum, who was recently inducted into the basketball hall of fame, was a member of the Harlem Globetrotters from 1941-1955 and is considered the original "clown prince" of basketball. He is the man who paved the way for all the other great showmen of the Harlem Globetrotters, from Meadowlark Lemon, to "Sweet Lou" Dunbar, to "Big Easy" and "Special K" today.

But even more importantly than that, "Goose" Tatum was one of the greatest basketball players of his era. Most of us fans today know the Harlem Globetrotters as showmen with fancy trick shots, funny reams, and one lone opposing team who is infamous for (almost) never beating them.

But back in the early days of the Harlem Globetrotters, they were literally the greatest basketball team in the world. Playing competitive games where they won championships, defeated everyone from local pick up teams to NCAA and NBA giants.

While the current number of losses the Harlem Globetrotters claim is not accurate, the reality was back then the underdog team in a Globetrotter game truly was whoever took on the Harlem Globetrotters. During that time they were even more popular than the NBA.

And heading the team during the prime of these competitive years was Goose Tatum. Not only was he a marvel on the court, wowing fans and leaving opponents behind, but it was when the teams would get a huge lead that he innovated the clowning around that would become the Globetrotters signature image.

I'm very much looking forward to this documentary, which I have know doubt will tell me a lot I didn't know.

Tatum left the Globetrotters not long after the Washington Generals were formed and back in those days, they were not the only team to play the Globetrotters. So I don't know if much, or for that matter anything, will be said about the Washington Generals. But if it wasn't for Globetrotters like Tatum who both helped make the Globetrotters so legendary before the Generals were formed, there never would have been a Washington Generals.

And that would have been a huge shame.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekly Schedule - Week of 2/19/12 - 2/25/11

Here is the upcoming schedule for the coming week, as the International Elite/Global Select's 2012 tour with the Harlem Globetrotters rolls on.

The Elite/Select will be having a busy week this week as they play a whopping 22 games this week between both traveling teams. They include stops in 7 States in the US as well as one in Canada, several times doing double headers.

The games for the week will be...

2/19/12 - At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA at 12:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/19/12 - At the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY at 1:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/19/12 - At the Tim's Toyota Center in Prescot Vallet, AZ at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/19/12 - At the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA at 5:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/19/12 - At the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY at 5:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/20/12 - At the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ at 1:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/20/12 - At the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/20/12 - At the Tucson Convention Center Arena in Tucson, AZ at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/21/12 - At the Olympic Center in Lake Placid, NY at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/22/12 - At the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/22/12 - At the Spokane Arena in Spokane, WA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/23/12 - At the MassMutual Center in Springfield, MA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/23/12 - At the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/23/12 - At the Toyota Center in Kennewick, WA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/24/12 - At the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC Canada at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/24/12 - At the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, OR at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/24/12 - At the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT at 8:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 - At the XL Center in Hartford, CT at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 - At the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 - At the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 - At the Comcast Arena @ Everett in Everett, WA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/25/12 -  At the XL Center in Hartford, CT at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS

If you are in the area I encourage you to come by and support the International Elite and/or Global Select in their never ending quest for that elusive win against the Globetrotters. Who knows, cheer them on loud enough and maybe it won't take them as long as it took the Generals.

A man can dream.

All photos in this post were taken by me (Dan Pratt) and are available for re-use under creative commons attribution 2.0 Generic lisence.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Randomness - 36th Edition

The McAlester News Capitol published an article on the International Elite's game against the Globetrotters on the 7th. I am including it simply beacause it happened in my own state and I am bias. To read it CLICK HERE!

I came across an article from last year interviewing Marcus "Rhett" Bonner. A graduate of Guilford College who played for the Washington Generals last season and currently is the assistant basketball coach at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, VA. To read it CLICK HERE!

People jokingly comparing the Washington Wizards to the Washington Generals is nothing new. The team was doomed to that hecking the minute they decided to give them their own NBA team. But The Heckler did a funnier than usual take on it. To read it CLICK HERE!

"The Washington Generals Win Their 7th Straight Game!". Yes you read that right... it's actually the Washington School Generals, also sometimes referred to as the Washington Generals. It's a name I am sure they have frequently had to endure hazing about from rival teams. It obviously has no bearing on this blog, but just this once I am linking to an article about them because in my many searches for news on the Generals it always cracks me up seeing a story about how good a team called the "Washington Generals" is doing. To read it CLICK HERE! And on a quick note, congratulations Generals. 

To close out here is a video of the Elite warming up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Photos From The Global Select and International Elite's Games on Flickr

Flickr, for anyone who isn't familiar with it, is a photo sharing site that is a mecca og great photos from both professionals and amateur photographers. I've even added some of my own photos on my own account (although I still haven't had a chance to post all of my pics from the recent International Elite game).

One thing it has always been a great source of, is Harlem Globetrotter pictures. With most sporting teams, how many of their photos are on sites like Flickr, depend on if the few who regularly take pictures at the games have Flickr accounts. But with our boys taking on the Trotters all over the world there is no shortage of people posting pictures from the games.

With the 2012 tour currently underway, several great photographers have posted some pics they took from the Elite/Select's ongoing feud with the Trotters. So I thought I would direct some of you to the most recent photo galleries.

First off are photos taken by user Dan Wozniak who got some great photos from behind the basket of the Global Select taking on the Harlem Globetrotters. I am not sure where these were taken, but according to his profile he resides in Arlington, TX. So I assume it was the recent game out there.

Mr. Wozinak was nice enough to allow me to share some samples with you from his set, but I highly recommend anyone who wants to see more visit his photo gallery by CLICKING HERE!

Photo by Dan Wozniak. Used with permission.
Photo by Dan Wozniak. Used with permission.
Also on Flickr courtesy of News House are some nice game shots by Alexander Abdalian from the International Elite taking on the Trotters at Syracuse. It's mostly of the trotters, but it has some nice game footage.

You can view it by CLICKING HERE!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Weekly Schedule Returns - Week of 2/12/12 - 2/18/12

It is with great joy that I am bringing back the weekly schedule of the International Elite/Global Selects games.

As some regular redars to this blog may know, I had been posting the weekly schedule during the recent international tour dates. But had stopped doing it when the current 2012 tour started.

The reason for that was that the Globetrotters had not been posting the extended schedule for their games on their website. Just an option to check by city. Which of course isn't full proof to find ones in the area, since they hit so many towns just because they don't hit your city doesn't mean they might not be somewhere nearby.

The Globetrotters recently fixed this problem. And while it is buried pretty deep in their site. You can see the full schedule here.

In the interest of getting the word out on when the Elite/Select will be playing I will resume posting the schedule for the upcoming week on this blog. Hopefully it will make it easier for fans of the team to know when they are specifically hitting their area.

So with all of that out of the way, here is the upcoming schedule for next week.

2/12/12 - At the Rimrock Auto Arena at Metro Park in Billings, MT at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/12/12 - At the Rogers Center in Toronto, ON, Canada at 2:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/13/12 - At the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, UT at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/14/12 - At the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/14/12 - At the Centrum Arena in Cedar City, UT at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/15/12 - At the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgalry, AB, Canada at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/15/12 - At the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/16/12 - At the Robobank Arena in Bakersfield, CA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/17/12 - At the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/17/12 - At the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/18/12 - At the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA at 7:00PM - GET TICKETS
2/18/12 - At Madison Square Garden in New York, NY at 7:30PM - GET TICKETS

If you are in the area of one of these great games in the US or Canada I encourage you to go out and support the International Elite and Global Select as they try to attain the World Championship Trophy. And more importantly as they help the Globetrotters entertain fans all over North America.

The photo in this post was taken by me (Dan Pratt) and is available for re-use under the creative commons attribution 2.0 Generic lisence.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Randomness 35th Edition

Photo by Mariona Olmos Garcia. Used with permission.
Not much to report in General/Elite/Select land at the moment. Red Klotz team is still performing almost every night in two tours, helping the trotters entertain and wow the fans. And pulling on some solid fundamental basketball along the way. It has yet to bring them that elusive win, although that obviously isn't a huge shocker. Time is running out Mr. Excel. I should have seen if he would bet me money on that one. Then again it would have made me feel like a traitor to bet against my team. No matter what reality says.

Still, here are some interesting tidbits from Washington General land.

Here is a nice article about a last minute schedules game the International Elite played against the Globetrotters at Newark High School. To read it CLICK HERE!

I found a nice article on Buckets Blake. He is of course with the Globetrotters, but as some know he is heavily used to help promote the games, which has gotten him a lot of mention on this blog. Especially back when I was doing the "Best of the Guest" Generals entries. So for that reason and beacause it offered a good rundown of the Trotters illustrious history, I thought I would include the article. To read it CLICK HERE!

Here is an older article I found about Red Kotz jersey being retired. To read it you can CLICK HERE!

Here is also an article from Sports Illustrated that talks about the Harlem Globetrotters. It also has a nice section where they talk about the Washington Generals and includes mentions of Sam Sawyer and Red Klotz. CLICK HERE!

Speaking of Sam Sawyer, I came across a website for Altlantic City High School that if you scroll down far enough you can see a pic of Sawyer from his High School basketball days. To see it CLICK HERE!