Monday, August 1, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Jason Fechner

An anchorman for WQAD (an ABC affiliate in Moline, IL), Jason Fechner came from a family full of high school basketball stars. However, basketball turned out to not be Fechner's sport.

All in Januray of 2010, Jason got his chance to shine when he was tapped to join the Washington General as their latest Guest General to go up against the Globetrotters.

Fechner may not have helped the Washington Generals get a victory against Harlem. But he managed to score 4 points for the boys in Green and Gold, including making the 3-point shot that Special K always taunts the Guest Generals into making. Too bad for Special K, that time it went in.

Either Jason or the Network were proud of Fechner's oppertunity to play for the Generals as they gave the game, and his part in it a LOT of coverage.

No less that 6 videos went on YouTube and their website dedicated to Jason's short time with the Washington Generals. And while it is possible they are playing it up for TV, Jason in his interviews sounds like playing with the Washington Generals truly did make him leave with a one of a kind memory.

Usually it is the Globetrotters who make memories, but sometimes even the little guys can give someone their moment.

Below are the MANY videos from his YouTube channel of Jason preparing for the game, playing the game and his thoughts afterwards.

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