Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Randomness Week 16

Original Photo by vipnycUsed under creative commons.
Kurt Schneider, the CEO of the Globetrotters did an interview with Fox News last Wednesday, along with Flight Time and Big Easy. Among the things talked about of interest to Generals fans was the future of their brand building they are doing in China. The thing that might be of most interest to the blog readers however, is that they mentioned the next North American tour begins December 26th. It is an excellent interview and if you want to see it CLICK HERE!

Danville Area Community College will be holding their 20th Annual Women's and Men's Basketball Alimni Games on October 24th. Among the returning players for the men's games are former Washington General J.D. Clampit. For more info on the game CLICK HERE!

A week ago some highlights of the streetball game between Ooh Way vs Team Nike at Sychman Park in New York. The host of the video, and one of the players was former New York National, Corey "Homicide" Williams. To see the videos CLICK HERE! and HERE!

I read that the Chaiftez Arena at Saint Louis University's first ever event back when they opened in 2008 was a game between the Washington Generals and the Globetrotters. If that isn't the best way to christen an arena, I don't know what is. CLICK HERE!

Check out the "breaking news" on the Washington Generals newest opponent. CLICK HERE! And before anyone starts, of course it isn't serious.

And finally here is a video I found from a game earlier in the season. The 3 minute mark in the first quarter happened, but the Globetrotters it seems couldn't get a 4-point shot to save their life, as they missed and missed. And the Generals used the opportunity to start to bridge the very big lead by the Globetrotters. Obviously they weren't able to bridge the gap enough, but I will be honest. Watching the Globetrotters continue to miss 4-pointers as the Generals kept scoring over and over was very entertaining to this Generals fan. The Trotters must have been having a bad night.

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