Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Randomness Week 13

The Washington Generals team of 1989
I know that I am very, very late with this weeks Randomness. I apologize. I won't bore you guys with excuses. Try to remember I run this blog as a hobby, not for a living. That being said, I will do my best not to be late like this again. 

Here is a blog entry I found from someone recalling a Washington Generals game. CLICK HERE!

A blog called Borderline Funny did a funny post speculating what the pre-questionare might be for becoming a Washington General. CLICK HERE!

The Harlem Globetrotters made a $2,000 donation to benefit Crown Point's youth sports programs. The donation was based on the attendence for the Globetrotters game against the Washington Generals last Jaurary at Crown Point High. To read more CLICK HERE!

Jacob Tucker tweeted that he is training with the Globetrotters. Of all the draft picks he seems to be the one showing the most interest in being drafted. Looks like he may be tormenting the Generals next season. Not good news for them.

Here are a couple more articles on the Washington Generals game in Willwoods. CLICK HERE! and CLICK HERE!


  1. Thanks for putting a link to our site, www.borderlinefunny.com! We'll be sure to check out your blog on a regular basis. Go Generals!

  2. Always glad to help out someone who knows a good team when they see one.