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Washington Generals Top Players: Corey "Homicide" Williams

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Corey Williams has become a lucrative player in the Australian NBL. But his career has had some of the most interesting twist and turns of any professional basketball player.

Born in 1977 in New York City, Corey first began playing basketball for Rice, one of the top basketball high schools in New York City. Overshadowed by so many great players Cory was not able to get into a basketball college at the D1 level and had to settle for attending Penn Valley Community College in Kansas City.

Much like the Washington Generals however, Cory never gave up. While playing for Penn Valley he was named first team All-American and played in the championship game, although they lost by a mere two points. His hard work paid off though and Cory enrolled his sophomore year at Alabama State. 

A star player for Alabama State, Corey seemed NBA bound. Unfortunately for him, come senior year things took a bad turn, when during that season they faced one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the NCAA. As the team found themselves in a series of losses, the coach opted to go with the younger squad and Corey spent most of his senior year riding the bench, leaving him passed on by the NBA. 

Upon graduation Corey took to the NYC streetball scene where he earned the nickname "Homicide". Corey quickly made a name for himself in the streetball scene during that time. He eventually ended up traveling up and down the east coast selling out gymnasiums as he did. 

In 2003 his playing got him noticed and he was drafted for his first professional job playing for the New York Nationals, the name the Washington Generals were going by at the time. 

Using his time with the team as a launching post, Corey went on to play basketball all over the world. He played for teams in Brazil, France, Venezuela and Germany. Corey also attended NBA training camps and played for the NBA D-League, playing for both the Dakota Wizards and Sioux Falls Skyforce.

But was in 2007 when Corey was signed with the Townsville Crocodilles of the NBL that Corey truly found his place in basketball. 

Since joining the NBL cory has become one of the best point guards in the league. He played for the Corcs from 2007-2010 and during that time he has been selected to the All NBL First Team in both 2009 and 2010  and was named MVP for the NBL in 2010. 

In the 2010-2011 season Corey signed with the four time NBL champions the Melbourne Tigers. During this same season Corey led the league in assist. 

All through this time Corey also never gave up on his streetball days, and can still be seen when not playing on Australia playing in tournements at Rucker Park, and many other courts in New York.

Corey never has realized his dream of playing for the NBA. But through hard work and a never give up attitude he has managed to make his own name for himself in professional basketball. Proving that when you shoot for the moon, even when you miss you will still land among the stars. 


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