Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Randomness Week 14

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On a quick note, I know I am behind. Once more life has kept me from the blog I would rather be doing. I will post the "Best of the Guest Generals" entry for the week later today to catch up. 

An article from the Phillidalphia City Paper archives about Red Klotz was recently posted. CLICK HERE!

Nancy Lieberman was briefly interviewed in an article about the Basketball Hall Of Fame class of 2011. CLICK HERE!

Holy Taco posted a list of the top "25 New Ways Kate Gosselin Can Exploit Her Kids." Number 18 was "Form a basketball team to oppose the Harlem Globetrotters, thus giving the Washington Generals a bit of a break". They really shouldn't give her ideas. To see the whole list CLICK HERE!

Since there isn't much Washington Generals news, and may not be for a bit as the Washington Generals are currently in the off season with the Willwoods games over, here is a short article I found about the Washington Generals 1971 win. It quotes Wade Cook, a reporter who was at the infamous game. CLICK HERE!

Finalle to celebrate Goose Tatum being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Something long overdue, here is a look back at the career of the Washington Generals original nemesis (and I mean that with affection).

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