Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Randomness Week 12

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Sport Seekers did a brief article on the Harlem Globetrotters games against the Generals posting alongside a video from Cheap Family Travel that included some nice game footage. CLICK HERE!

The Washington Generals got an entry on Everyone go there and be sure to vote "Not" CLICK HERE!

Since it is slow in General land I wanted to mention that the Harlem Globetrotters homepage has a story about Trotters Buckets Blake and Cheese Chisholm visiting the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. CLICK HERE!

"How Stuff Works" did a short story on Nancy Lieberman. CLICK HERE!

I came across an interview with Neil Pollack, author of the book "Jewball" a historical fiction book inspired by the Phillidalphia SPHA's. Which as some of you reading this blog know, is the team that eventually became the Washington Generals. To read the interview CLICK HERE!

I have been asked before if I know where to buy Washington Generals T-Shirts. Oh but I wish tat they were as easy to get as Globetrotter T-Shirts. If, however, you are someone who can squeeze into a small or medium t-shirt E-Bay has a couple on sale HERE and HERE. I want to state I am not familiar with these e-bay sellers so buy at your own discretion. Incidentally I LOVE the design for the medium. I wish I was smaller, I so want it.

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