Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Randomness Week 15

Another short week to report in the Randomness post, as the Washington Generals and Harlem Globetrotters enjoy some well deserved down time.

Jacob Tucker, who as I reported a while back was one of the six draft choices for the Washington Generals, has  been reporting via tweets and elsewhere that he is currently training with the Trotters. This doesn't mean he made the team yet, but of the five draft pics who could play next year (I am not counting McCabe since he obviously won't be going anywhere next season) he has publicly shown the most interest. Looks like Tucker could be about to become the newest thorn in the Generals side.

The moving induction speech for Goose Tatum, given by his son Reece Tatum III, was posted online. To watch it CLICK HERE!

The Travel Channel has announced that the Harlem Globetroters will be appearing on Man vs Food, in an episode airing September 7th at 9PM. CLICK HERE! 

An e-bay seller has put up a copy of the out of print Globetrotter VHS tape "6 Decades of Magic". This is an excellent hour long tape that features highlight of the Trotters throughout their history. Which of course includes a lot of great highlights of the Generals facing the trotters, and I do mean a LOT. If you still have a VHS player this might be worth checking out. Although I will note I don't know anything about the seller so do exercise your own discretion. CLICK HERE!

And finally, below is a slideshow video someone posted of the Generals game against the trotters in Budapest.

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