Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bronx World Travelers - Another Washington Generals Parody

A couple weeks ago I posted about a Washington Generals parody from Funny or Die called "The New Coach".

But it is not the first parody film of the Washington Generals to hit the internet. A couple years ago. Ben Schwartz posted a parody on his YouTube channel called "The Bronx World Travelers".

Ben is a writer/actor/comedian who currently plays Jean-Ralphio on "Parks and Recreaton". But before that he was a freelance writer for David Letterman, and The Weekend Update skits on Saturday Night Live.

He originally started his YouTube channel to share the jokes that did not make it on Letterman and SNL. But since then he has done several projects. The most ambitious is probably his series "The Bronx World Travelers."

The web mini-series tells the story of the rivalry between the the World Travelers (a parody of the Globetrotters) and their arch rivals the Washington Colonels (a parody of guess who?). Despite the name however, the focus is on the Colonels and their frustrating existence of always being the butt of the Travelers taunting.

Unlike "The New Coach" the World Travelers series is much more adult in nature with,m some profanity and South Park style crude humor. As such I decided not to embed the videos in this post, since I try to keep this blog family friendly. I mean, this is a Globetrotter related page after all.

Still, I wanted to share it with all my fellow Generals fans. So below is a link to each episode, along with a short description.

I will be honest, I liked "The New Coach" better. Both because it was funnier and family friendly. I am not against adult humor at all. I just finds part of the magic about a Generals/Trotters game is that it is a rare evening of "G" rated fun. So seeing the teams, even in a parody, cuss and be gross just always feels a bit off.

But if that kind of humor is your thing, and it is with a lot of people, you should check these videos out. They will make you laugh.

Episode 1 - Press Conference The Washington Colonels' coach sits down for a press conference after his team loses their 125th game in a row. (The Washington Generals wish they only lost that many games between wins.)

Episode 2 - Orientation Video: Down by fifty at half time, the Washington Colonels air out their frustrations in the lockerroom. While venting, they are reminded of the orientation video they were forced to watch on day one. 

Episode 3 - The Game: A member of the Washington Colonels reaches his tipping point in the crucial minutes of a game.
Episode 4 - Street Legend: After pantsing a member of the Bronx World Travelers, the star of the Washington Colonels hits the blacktop and gets coached by a wheelchair bound Street Legend.
Episode 5 - Let's Play: With coach rolling by his side, the Washington Colonels' hot shot plays the one on one game to end all one on one games.

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