Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Shot Traded to the Washington Generals

This is an older video from April Fools Day 2008 where Hot Shot Branch was punked after the Harlem Globetrotters site posted a story stating he was traded to the Washington Generals.

Looks like they had him going although personally I don't know what Hot Shot was so unhappy about. Someone needs to tell him about the big fish in a small pond principle.

Indecently I am making a promise right now almost a year early that when the next April 1st rolls around if this blog is still up (and I hope it is) I will NOT post a story saying the Washington Generals beat the Globetrotters. That would be about as predictable and uninspired a trick as you could do on this blog. 

If they actually do win on April 1st I will just wait until April 2nd so people will actually believe me. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

An Ode To The Weave

Copyright © by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.
Used with permission
I am posting today to take a minute and post about my favorite part of any Washington Generals game against the Globetrotters the infamous figure eight weave. Arguably the most recognizable bit of any game between these two teams aside from the famous bucket of confetti.

For those who don't know what I am talking about, it is a move the Trotters play during offence that is iconic to a Washington Generals vs Globetrotter game. Three of the Globetrotters move in a figure eight pattern playing keep away from three of the Generals, occasionally throwing the ball in and out to one of their two team mates standing outside the weave. Eventually this ends with one of the Trotters breaking free and doing one of their famous trick shots.

While some might argue this is a Globetrotter trick, anyone who thinks the Generals aren't working just as hard might want to see if they can perform it themselves without getting beaned in the head.

I still remember the first time I saw this performed when I was just a wee Washington Generals fan, and although I didn't fully appreciate the Washington Generals part in this move until later I was always entranced with it. To me it did, and still does look like watching a finely choreographed dance, which is essentially what it is.

But the other reason I wanted to take a moment to post about this part of the show is because to me it highlights the best part about what the Generals are to the Globetrotters. While the Washington Generals are without a doubt excellent basketball players, what they really are to the Globetrotters, at least in my view, is their dance partners. The Globetrotters best moves happen because the Washington Generals are always where they need to be, and doing what they need to do, to set up the Globetrotters so they can wow the crowd.

Whether they are selling us that they are chasing the ball someone is dribbling back and forth but falling short of catching it, standing in the right position for the Trotters to shoot the ball between their legs, or making us believe they didn't expect their pants to be pulled down, the Washington Generals are the best dance partners anyone could ever have. And nowhere does it shine more than when both teams are performing the infamous weave.

The Washington Generals in the weave- Copyright © by Niall David. All Rights Reserved.
Used with Permission.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do The Washington Generals Owe Their Existence to Seattle U?

A blogger running a blog called Craw's Corner posted an article about some interesting moments in Seattle University Basktball History.

In the article he mentions that in 1952 Seattle U played the Globetrotters in the pre-Generals era and beat them in a close game with a final score of 84-81. The loss due mostly to the Globetrotters calling a time out in the final seconds when they didn't have one, giving Seattle U a technical foul shot and control of the ball in the final seconds.

This is actually nothing new as this game is well documented as one of the Globetrotters biggest upsets. What is interesting is he claims that after this loss Saperstein cancelled the rest of the Globetrotters benefit games for that season, and it was because of this that the infamous phone call between Saperstein and Klots that formed the Washington Generals took place. The pretense being that creating a team to play into the Globetrotters comedy routines would keep them from loosing again. A tactic that mostly paid off as the Generals wins have been few and very far between.

I did some research and several other people giving retrospectives on the Seattle U game give the same story. This is in direct contradiction with the official story, which as I mentioned in an earlier post is that Saperstein approached Klotz about forming the team that would become the Washington Generals after Klotz own team, the Philadelphia Spha's, scored two upsets against the Trotters. I did find this story odd when I first heard it for no other reason then the Spha's win's happened years before the formation of the Generals. So the loss to Seattle U would make more sense as the catalyst to the Generals formation.

Probably only Saperstein and Klotz truly know what motivated the Generals formation, and one of them obviously won't be talking; but while the Spha's two-game win may have set the wheels in motion it looks like we may owe the existence of the Washington Generals to Seattle U more than anyone else.



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Nicholas Stokes

And now my favorite guest General of all time, Nicholas Stokes.

in 2008, when the Generals and the Globetrotters were on their way to the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin they did their usual routine for getting a guest General and approached local WMJR radio host Earl Stokes. Earl, however came up with the idea of getting his son Nicholas to suit up and play with the Generals. Nicholas, who sometimes appeared on the radio with his father was an 8th grade basketball  player for Darryl Lynn Hines Academy. 

When Nicholas took to the floor he was subjected to the usual trials of being the but of heckling from Special K. However Nicholas was not intimidated, and managed to score both baskets on his two trips down the floor before being fouled, and managed to keep the Generals within two points of the the Globetrotters before being pulled.

Although Stokes did miss both of his free throws he still showed to be one of the best basketball players to ever don the "00" of a guest General. Stokes has gone on to attend Milwaukee King High School, where he has been continuing to impress with his basketball prowess, and no doubt is a hot prospect for college recruiters at the moment.

Who knows, maybe Stokes will one day return to the Washington Generals to make a living on being a thorn in the Globetrotters side.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: William "Bill" Spivey

William "Bill" Spivey is probably one of the tallest players to ever play for the Washington Generals, if not the tallest. At 7ft tall and pre-dating Wilt Chamberlain, Spivey seemed destined for greatness. Unfortunately, Spivey's basketball career instead ended up serving as a cautionary tale of how even the innocent can sometimes pay for the sins of others.

A center at 7ft tall, Spivey was one of college basketball's first big men and still considered to be one of the best. A former All American, Spivey starred in the University of Kentucky beginning in 1949, and went on to win the NCAA tournament in the 1950-51 season. Spivey was also named player of the year by the Helms Foundation.

Spivey seemed destined for NBA greatness and surely had things been different he would have become one of basketball's biggest superstars. Unfortunately, fate dealt Spivey a blow he would never recover from.

In 1951 Spivey, along with three of his fellow players, was indited in a points shaving scheme. While his fellow players plead guilty, Spivey insisted he had nothing to do with it and refused to testify. Spivey was indited for perjury in the case but held fast that he was innocent and several witness, including his former coach and the Govenor of Kentucky all testifying to his good character. The man who was accused of paying off the players also refused to testify against Spivey, even when the D.A.'s offered to release him.

Bill's charges were dismissed when the jury stalled at 9-5 for acquittal and the university re-admitted him allowing Spivey to get his degree to a standing ovation at his graduation. Unfortunately, the black cloud that hung over him after the trial left him barred from the NBA for life. Spivey, a man once looked primed to dominate the NBA, was no longer allowed to play for them.

After graduation, unable to play for the "big boys" Spivey spent the following years playing for many barnstorming teams of the time including the Washington Generals, also playing under their sometimes alias of the era the Boston Whirlwinds, along with several other Barnstorming teams that regularly played the Globetrotters in the day including The House of David.

in 1958 Spivey found a reprieve of sorts when he was able to sign with the Wilkes Barre Barons of the Eastern Professional Baskteball League. While definitley not the NBA it had credibility and gave Spivey the chance to play pro-ball for a professional basktball league. Spivey played for several teams in the EBL, taking a brief leave from the league when he played for Abe Saperstein's  short lived American Basketball League playing for the Los Angeles-Hawaii-Long Beach squad. When the league collapsed he returned to the Eastern League until he retired from basketball in 1968.

Bill eventually sued the NBA and settled out of court for $10,000 dollars and even passed a lie-detector test proving once and for all his innocence.

After his retirement Spivey held many jobs including running a bar in Lexington, as well as selling insurance and real estate. Spivey passed away of natural causes in 1995 at the age of 66.

People close to Spivey said he never got over the scandal, his success in basketball outside the NBA making it clear of the opportunity he missed out on through no fault of his own. But despite the bad hand fate dealt him Spivey made the most of it, never giving up on the game he loved despite playing for many teams that experts would consider "beneath him".

I don't know how Spivey felt about his time with the Washington Generals. For all the good they do helping make people laugh and entertain, I have little doubt that playing the foil to the Globetrotters was not the career he had envisioned during his promising high school and college careers. But Spivey was by all accounts a good man who got dealt a bad hand due to other peoples mistakes. For that character and that ability to endure even in the face of adversity, I think he exemplifies the best of the Washington Generals. And the best of any team who had the honor of playing with one of the greatest big men of his or any other day.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bring the Washington Generals to Your Own Corporate or Private Event

Want the Washington Generals to play the Globetrotters at your own corporate or private event. Now you can apparently.

In a press release on the Harlem Globetrotters website it was announced that the Harlem Globetrotters have teamed up with SME Entertainment as the exclusive agency for corporate and private events.

Wonder if that means the Generals can take on the Globetrotters at the next Bar Mitzva, that would be awesome! Although I am assuming most of us couldn't afford that.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Randomness Week 3

LOOK OUT REGGIE! - Original Photo Copyright © by Holly Halmo.
Used and altered with permission. 
It's that time again. Here are some random Washington General related bits and pieces.

A blog called Deliberate Disney posted their review of the Washington Generals recent game on ESPN2.

Humor Column Breaking Brad got a rib in at the Generals expense. It's near the bottom.

This is from a few months back but I thought I would share a good article I found on Washington General Chris Poore.

I was not sure where to be offended first (or whether or not to laugh) when Miami Herald columnist Greg Coat took a shot at my home town's team The Oklahoma City Thunder stating, "Basketball hasn’t seen defense like the Mavs and Thunder play since the Harlem Globetrotters faced Red Klotz’s Washington Generals." You can read the full article here.

I came across an interesting article about a player in the 70+ category of the Masters Basketball Association's National Senior Championships by the name of Richard Moore who among other accomplishments was a Guest General.

Finally check out this cool video from the Tampa game last March which featured the Globetrotters shotting for a 4-point shot at the 3 minute mark and missing the shot... the Generals rebounded, went  for their own 4-point shot... NOTHING BUT NET!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Thoughts On The Celebrity Apprentice Season Finale

This will be quick. I was planning on doing a full on episode review of The Celebrity Apprentice finale.

However, as I never watched The Apprentice, celebrity or otherwise, I really wasn't clear on the rules or how they were playing. Like for example why if these people were fired they were still on the two teams. I also can't really give an opinion on who won as I hadn't seen everything leading up to that so I am not even sure  how a winner was determined to begin with. For all I could tell Trump flipped a coin.

That being said any show that has the Washington Generals and the Globetrotters on it can't be that bad. And looks like the Washington Generals can add "in a small gymnasium in front of Marlie Matlin, Donald Trump, Meatloaf, and Richard Hatch between trips to the pokey" as unique events they have played against the Globetrotters in.

I did wonder if some people who became fans of the Trotters through Amazing Race weren't disappointed that the Globetrotters team that appeared on the show wasn't the team that Fligh Time and Big Easy were on. (for those who don't know there are two different traveling teams of Globetrotters and Generals. This was the team that appeared on the ESPN2 game, which is not the same team that Flight Time and Big Easy are on) But their appearance was so small I don't know if anyone really noticed. Still, the show made good use of the Globetrotters for what little time they were on and it always makes me smile to see footage from a Generals/Globetrotter game on tv.

Also on a final note "Pour Some Sugar On Me" is my favorite song ever. So seeing Deaf Leppard on the show singing it also made my day.

All in all, considering I only never saw The Apprentice I was able to enjoy it even if I could have cared less who won and only half knew what was going on. Although that isn't a slight on the episode, it wasn't made for people for someone who hadn't been watching all season. For what it was I enjoyed it.

A Funny Washington Generals Poem

About a year ago comedian and Washington Generals fan Jason Hazelwood did a series of short poems on You Tube chronicling 365the things he liked. #350 was the Washington Generals. Which should have been #1 but there is no accounting for some peoples priorities.

Here is the video of that funny poem below. With a transcript of the poem following.

I like the Washington Generals
Beacause as a kid I once went to a Harlem Globetrotters game
And the way that those Globetrotters beat those Generals, well it really was a shame. 
And the Globetrotters clearly cheated, because I never heard of this rule before
But apparently it's ok to pants the other team, and bring a ladder to the floor

Monday, May 23, 2011

Generals on Ice

Copyright © by Benjamin Hoffman. Used with Permission.
Last February the Generals played the Harlem Globetrotters in an arena that neither had ever played before, an Ice Rink. In front of 500 local school Chirlden in Central part both teams broke new ground as they played in an ice skating rink in the park. Generals owner Red Klotz had stated in interviews before the game that the Generals did well on ice and that he felt this was the advantage the team needed to break their loosing streak.

It was not the highest scoring of games due in most part to the obstacles of playing on the ice, a new experience to everyone. Although it should be noted that neither team experienced a fall, the only falls being from Globie and Big G, although as we all know Big G may get knocked down, but he gets back up again, because they ain't never gonna bring him down!

Unfortunately, despite the advantage the Generals had hoped the ice rink would give them, the Globetrotters managed to pull of a 32-15 victory. More importantly though, the 500 kids in attendance had a good time watching the Generals play the Trotters which is the most important thing in any game between the two teams.

I have full faith that with their "ice legs" firmly established the Generals will not be so easy to beat next time should this unique "basketball on ice" event become an annual outing.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Best of the Guest Generals: Michaela Johnson

As you may know, and anyone who visits my Guest Generals page can tell you, there have been a LOT of guest Washington Generals since they started doing it a few years back. Especially since that page is no where near complete yet.

As such, and especially since most of them have been local tv and radio personalities, there have been a lot of stories and videos out about the many Guest Generals. So I decided instead of flooding the blog with them, especially since a lot of them are not that interesting and they can start to look aike, I would do a regular post focusing on some of the more memorable moments with the Guest Generals.

They are either Guest Generals who did something more memorable than their counterparts, were higher profile celebrities than the usual Guest General, or simply had an article and/or video that made it interesting to watch or read about them.

For the first installment I am going to mention one of the more recent of the Guest Generals, Michaela Johnson, Co-host of The Rhodes Show with Fox Providence in Provedince, RI.

A former captain of her college Basketball team Michaela was no stranger to a basketball court. But surely no amount of high school or college ball could prepare someone for playing against the Harlem Globetrotters. Both in skill, and in the fact that being a guest general means a couple minutes of teasing and taunting from the Harlem Globetrotters, the likes of which puts the usual amount of trash talking to shame.

Still, perhaps Big Easy should have done some research on his newest opponent, before he challenged her to make the 4-point shot under the stipulation "If you make it, the first dates on me. If you miss it it's on you." He was likley expecting an air ball or something equally ripe for mocking. Or else he was simply wanting a first date, Michaela was definitley a pretty girl.

But a stunned crowd watched as Michaela scored one for girl power when she hefted the ball and watched as it beautifully went through the hoop with nothing but net, scoring 4 points for the Generals and leaving everyone in shock. Perhaps none more so then the Globetrotters, who stood there in dumbfounded silence as Michaela's team mates went over to give her high fives, and as we all know it takes a lot to leave Big Easy silent.

Michaela was the first Guest General to make a 4-point shot. Unfortunately, the momentum from that shot wasn't enough to give the Washington Generals their long sought after win that night. Maybe they should have kept Michaela in and seen if she had more 4-pointers in her. But I tend to think that the 4-point shots the trotters scored the rest of the game just maybe looked a little bit less impressive after that.

Michaela said Big Easy did not give her that dinner he promised after she made the shot. Personally, I think she more than earned it.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Washington Generals Top Players: Red Klotz

I have decided that I will be doing post about some of the best players to don the green and yellow and play for the Washington Generals. (note: The New York Nationals players will of course also be eligible.)

Now, while it may seem ironic to be categorizing players for a team that never wins games as "the best". I base this not on their win/loss record with the Generals. The subjects of these post get here because they have an outstanding career in basketball before or after the Washington Generals as well as players that have gone on to accomplish other great things outside the world of basketball.

While their game record with the Generals may not reflect it, the Washington Generals have had a number of players who were both outstanding basketball players, and in fact outstanding people. And I want to give them their due.

For the first edition of this series I can think of no better a subject than the founder and long time player/coach of the Generals, Louis "Red" Klotz. As a coach of the washington Generals since it's inception in the 50's Red has become forever associated with heading the "losingest team in basketball." Currently at 90 years old it is the legacy he will undoubtedly leave in this world, and one he owns with pride.

But there was a time before Red began his unlikely path as the Globetrotters top foil that the name "Red" Klotz would have never associated with losing.

Born in 1921, Klotz first learned the fine art of basketball growing up in South Philidalphia. Klotz was once quoted as saying, "Where I was raised, you either earned a scholarship to college or became a gangster."

As a high-school student in South Philadelphia High School Red led the team to two championships, one in 1939 and the other in 1940, both of which also earned him "Player of the Year" honors.

With an impressive high school basketball career behind him and now infamous for his two hander shot, Klotz was able to earn that scholarship to Villanova University. Klotz played for two years before eloping with his then and current wife Gloria, which at the time school regulations cost required he lose his financial aid. No longer on the team Red enlisted in the military serving during World War II.

After returning from the war Red joined the American Basketball League's Phillidalphia Spha's. After that he joined the NBA playing with the Baltiomore Bullets for 11 games in the 1947-48, season, Klotz and his team would then go on to win the NBA title.

After that season Klotz re-joined the Spha's and eventually even went on to buy the team. But it was in 1949 when the Spha's were hired to play a two week exhibition tour against the Harlem Globetrotters that Red's life would change forever.

Even during that time, where the Globetrotters were more of a traditional basketball team (and by that I mean they played "real" games without the showmanship they are known for today), the Globetrotters, having some of the best basketball talent in the country, was still known for winning most of their games. But during the two week tour while playing on the dance floor of the Broadwood Hotel in Philadelphia, Klotz and the Spha's upset the generals, winning by 25 points.

After the game Globetrotter Goose Tatum assured Klotz that would never happen again, but the very next night the Spha's scored another win in Syracuse, defeating the Trotters by 12 points.

Then Globetrotter owner Ed Saperstein was so impressed that Klotz had let this team to two upsets in a row that he approached Red about forming a team to travel full time with the Globetrotters. So it was that a few years later in 1953 Red formed the Washington Generals and the Globetrotters over 60 year old nemesis was born.

Over the years Klotz ran the Generals as a player/coach playing for over 40 years as a point guard with the Generals until retiring as a player in 1995. Although Klotz has lost over 10,000 games in arenas all over the world, he also holds the distinction of being the only Washington General to play with the team during all six of their wins against the Harlem Globetrotters.

Klotz continued to coach for another decade after giving up playing before more or less retiring from the Generals in 2005, although he still owns and is the face of the Washington Generals.

Red Klotz legacy in Basketball will always be "the guy who coached the team who lost thousands of games to the Harlem Globetrotters". But in closing I give you this...

In his basketball career Red has won two high school championships, an NBA Title, had one of the longest professional career as a player in all of basketball (possibly the longest), has no doubt scored more points in his professional career than any player, in 1971at 50 years old scored the winning basket in what, statistically, would be considered the biggest upset in sports history, is the only non-Globetrotter to have his number retired by the Globetrotters, has both his Philadelphia Spha's and Washington Generals jerseys hanging at the Basketball Hall of Fame, and touring with the Generals he has done more to introduce the sport of basketball to the world than anyone, while helping make children laugh and adults feel like kids again. And during it all he has managed to enjoy a long successful marriage and raise a loving family.

The score books may call Louis "Red" Klotz a loser... but his friends, family, and fans know the truth. In every way that really matters, Klotz is anything but.

1970's Washington Generals Game

Here is another video I found in the wonderful world of YouTube. This is an 8MM transfter of a Generals vs Globetrotters game from the 1970's.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Where The Generals Will Play The Week of 5/22/11 - 5/28/11

Copyright © by Jason Bradwell/Picture Iowa. Used with permission. 
The Washington Generals finish off their 2011 European tour with the Globetrotters this upcoming week. They will be playing Sunday in Portugal, then after a brief break will finish of the tour beginning Wednesday with games in Huguray, Slovenia, and finishing in Austria.

I encourage any Washington Generals fans who either live or will be in the area to go down and support them in their never ending rivalry against the Globetrotters. Whether they taste victory or not, you can be guaranteed an evening of great basketball and quality all-ages entertainment.

5/22/11 - At the Pavilhao de Albufeira in Albuferia, Portugal at 6:00PM 
5/25/11 - At the Sport Arena in Budapest, Hungary at 7:00PM 
5/26/11 - At the Stozice in Lbuljana, Slovenia at 6:00PM 
5/27/11 - At the Stadthalle in Graz, Austria at 7:30PM 

Note: Other than the game in Albuferia, the Harlem Globetrotters website did not list the start times, as such I had to hunt them down. It is possible the start time has changed since the page I found them on updated, so I encourage anyone not sure to call ahead.   

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nancy Lieberman Summer Camps

I just wanted to take a moment to mention the Nancy Lieberman Basketball Summer camps, run by Basketball Hall of Famer and former Washington General Nancy Lieberman begin this summer.

It's a week long basketball camp for boys and girl and is run throughout six weeks during the months of June, July and August.

The schedule is listed below.

June 21-24 (Tuesday-Friday)Location: Fieldhouse USA
6155 Sports Village Road
Frisco, TX 75035
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm
June 28-July 1 (Tuesday-Friday)Location: Fieldhouse USA
6155 Sports Village Road
Frisco, TX 75035
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm
July 12-15 (Tuesday-Friday)Location: Fieldhouse USA
6155 Sports Village RoadFrisco, TX 75035
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm
July 19-22 (Tuesday-Friday)Location: Fieldhouse USA
6155 Sports Village Road
Frisco, TX 75035
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm
August 2-5 (Tuesday-Friday)Location: Fieldhouse USA
6155 Sports Village Road
Frisco, TX 75035
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm
August 8-11 (Monday-Thursday)Location: Fieldhouse USA
6155 Sports Village Road
Frisco, TX 75035
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

Top 7 Things Not To Do When You Are A Washington Generals Fan

In the interest of helping us all become better fans, I am giving you a list of the top 5 things not to do when you are a Washington Generals fan.

1. Don't bet your life savings on the Washington Generals - Take a hint from Krusty. Oh he had the right idea don't get me wrong. But he got too greedy. Betting 1-5 dollars will more than set you for life once the Washington Generals get their next win. And it will happen.

Copyright © by Dinur Blum. Used under Creative Commons.
2. Don't try hypnotizing anyone with an umbrella - Reggie Bennet might pull it off, but I tried... it didn't work... things got awkward.

3. Don't compare the current losing NBA team to the Washington Generals - 99 times out of 100 comparing the Generals to the team currently stinking up the NBA is REALLY unfair to the Washington Generals. It's also been done to death. For crying out loud, show some originality!

4. Don't yell out insults to the Globetrotters - It is common instinct to want to jeer your favorite teams arch rivals. But you will break the hearts of the small children around you. And one thing the Generals and Globetrotters share is their passion for entertaining children. So keep your support to enthusiastic clapping. Unless you are there in the stands when the Generals finally win their next game. If that happens you have permission of every Washington General fan across the world to tell the Globetrotter fans to "EAT IT!"

5. Don't try to start a "Go Generals" cheer - Unless you came with 50 or more fellow Washington Generals fans I am sorry to say that it won't work.

6. Don't duck when they throw the bucket of "water" at your section of the stands - It is just confetti people! How many times are we going to fall for that one? We are Generals fans, we need to be more wise to the Globetrotters cunning trickery then their own fans are.

7. Don't ever forget the most important thing to be learned when watching our favorite team play - "It's not whether you win or lose. It's how you play the game!"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Randomness Week 2

Copyright © 2009 by Kelsey Kirk. All rights reserved. 
Used with permission. 
I decided after my last "Randomness" post I am going to make it a weekly thing. These post will feature links and the like that I think are worth showing to my readers but didn't feel, for whatever reason, warranted their own post.

Fists off their was a fun recap on the begining of the repeat playing of the Generals/Globetrotter game that aired on 5/14/11 from Striker Danger.

A while back Sports Pickle posted a story where the Cleveland Cavaliers were set to replace the Washington Generals. Had it happened I doubt that the Cavaliers would have been able to win even six games against the Globetrotters in 50 years.

Check out this awesome audio interview with Red Klotz from the New York Times.

For anyone who is interested, and I am going to go out on a limb and assume some Harlem Globetrotters fans also visit this blog. Call it a wild guess. The Harlem Globetrotters will be appearing in the season final of The Celebrity Apprentice airing this Sunday on NBC at 8PM Central time.

Also, check out this video shot at the Messina game last Sunday. Glad to see someone knows to film the important entrance ;)



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wilt Chamberlain vs The Washington Generals

Photo by World Telegram and
Sun. Public Domain Photo. 
I came across a cool piece of Washington General history the other day. A news reel from 1958 featuring The Generals taking on The Harlem Globetrotters including Meadowlark Lemon and the great Wilt Chamberlain.

The news real says the Trotters are playing the Philadelphia Spha's. But I am inclined to think he made a mistake as the Washington Generals had been formed years ago by that time. Although they did occasionally use other names so maybe they still occasionally played as the Spha's.

Whatver name they went by even in this old reel you can tell that the Generals were doing what they did best. Playing solid ball while helping the Globetrotters make the crowd laugh.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Photos taken from the Washington Generals games in Italy.

It will be a short post today but some fans have posted photos from the Generals recent games against the Globetrotters in Italy and I thought I would share the links with you for anyone interested.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Review of the Washington Generals game on ESPN2

I watched the repeat of the Washington Generals vs Harlem Globetrotters game last night. Has anyone ever seen such biased commentary? They should fire John Sciambi, he was so unprofessional. I am as mad as I have ever been! And I am over it!

In all seriousness, I really enjoyed the game. Although not nearly as good on tv as it is live, seeing the Generals play the Globetrotters will never fail to bring a smile to my face. They had all the classics, globetrotter football, the famous weave, the bucket of confetti that you know is coming but would still be disappointed if they ever took it out. All of it.

The 4-point shot does add a nice new layer to the teams games. When I first heard they were doing it I assumed, in the continued mission of the Generals not to overshadow the Globetrotters, that the Washington Generals team would not actually try for 4-point shots. So I was pleasantly surprised that both teams took 4-point shots throughout the game.

Although I was shocked that the Generals started attempting those shots before the Globetrotters did. They may have been missing on purpose at that point, but some of those baskets were pretty close and it would have been bad if the Generals had scored the first ever 4-point shot before the Trotters did. Well, it would have been bad for some. I of course would have loved it, but it was better for most that it didn't work out that way to be certain.

The penalty box thing was a bit much, glad that didn't catch on. But it set up some really impressive shots for the Trotters whenever their players came out of it. Although I don't think it was a trick by the Generals as Sciambi said EVERY FIVE MINUTES. I mean, is anyone really surprised that the Generals are better behaved? I didn't see them plowing people down or riding anyones back now did I?

I also got to add that the 2 on 5 keep away dribbling bits both teams performed was a cool variant on a classic trick. And for anyone who thinks the Generals didn't perform that with the Trotters, just like the weave the trotters didn't do it against themselves. Just like a great dance it takes both parties to make it work.

The interviews they did right after the commercials were also a nice touch. Dizzy's impersonations were spot on and Speciak K's story of getting his college degree was a bit heavy handed but kept with the Trotters goal of inspiring others to bring out the best in themselves.

The Generals did their usual routine of playing good, solid offence but lacking in the defense. Even though I knew the Generals weren't going to win since it was a repeat game (and the more obvious reasons) it was awesome they brought the game up to a tie near the end and made the Globetrotters work for their win. It was definitley an exciting game both from the basketball and entertainment value aspects.

One thing that did bother me was the lack of putting the score and time on the screen like in other sports games. Not that failing to keeping up with the score in a televised Generals/Globetrotter game is anything new. At least the announcing kept us informed on how close the game was. But in this day and age when television can put a scoreboard on the corner of the screen it wouldn't seem like it would be that hard to do it. Would add some realism to the game at least.

Although I sense that this game was edited heavily, the second quarter in particular seemed to end awfully early. So that was probably at least part of the reason. Plus, you put the time in the corner it makes it clear how often it is stopped during a Generals game. Still, just once I would like to see both teams get the respect of being covered slightly more like a "real" basketball game.

Despite my earlier complaint of the commentary it actually worked pretty good. Sciambi did a good job of putting over the Globetrotters which was his job. And him mentioning the Generals 1971 win, especially when the game was tied near the end, was a nice touch. Also having one commentator is usually a bad thing, but in the case of a Generals/Globetrotter game it works well because there isn't as much unnecessary chatter when the Globetrotters and Generals are doing the entertaining portion of the game.

There was still some though. I know it goes against broadcasting instinct to have "dead air" but commentators never seem to realize that when the Globetrotters are performing their comedy bits the best thing anyone can do is pipe down and let the act speak for itself.

Still, despite some minor complaints it was a good game, and a good night of nostalgia. Which as anyone will tell you, is all you can ever ask when you watch those two teams do their thing.

New Pages On This Blog

Copyright © by Penn State. Used under
Creative Commons
I just wanted to take a minute to point out to anyone who didn't notice that I have added some new pages, accessible in the tabs above.

First is a mostly complete listing of Washington Generals who have played with the NBA in their basketball career. I say mostly complete because if anyone can tell me when specifically George Patterson played for the Generals it would be greatly appreciated. I looked and looked and so far have come up short.

I also added a page listing the many "Guest Generals" that have played alongside the Washington Generals in their games. It is by no means a complete list as there have been a LOT of guest generals in the recent years. But hopefully one day I can track down and record them all.

I will soon be adding a page recording all the Washington Generals who have managed to make the jump to the Globetrotters in the near future as well.

Also, look for my thoughts on the Washington Generals game against the Harlem Globetrotters that aired on ESPN2 later today.

All that and more is coming soon. Keep tuning into this blog.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Washington General By Any Other Name

When you are to ask someone who the Globetrotters constant foils are any Globetrotter fan will tell you, "It's the Washington Generals." And they of course wouldn't be wrong. Since 1952 when the team was formed as a traveling companion to the Globetrotters the Generals have been their constant adversary.

But interestingly enough while they have achieved an iconic status almost equal to the Globetrotters, the Generals actually have undergone several different names in their existence. In fact in their long history, the Washington Generals have actually played under a total of 8 different names.

The Philadelphia Sphas, 1922
The first was obviously the name they originally played under. It began in 1917, long before they became the Globetrotters arch rival they were originally known as the Philadelphia Sphas. Competing in the Eastern Basketball League and then from 1925-1955 in the American Basketball League. The American Basketball League eventually went under upon the NBA formation and stopped competing in 1953, although they officially weren't cancelled until 1955.

However, the team which had been bought by former player Red Klotz in 1950 was saved from extinction when then Harlem Globetrotter owner Abe Saperstein, after losing two games to the Sphas asked Klotz to form a team to travel on the road and face the Globetrotters. The Spha's name was changed to the Washington Generals, and a basketball icon was born.

The Generals became the Trotters main opponent, and virtually the only team to face them. They competed as the Generals until 1971, when once more a name change of grand proportions would be undergone. Although the team still competed as the Washington Generals, they also formed four other teams. They were the Boston Shamrocks, New Jersey Reds, Baltimore Rockets, and Atlantic City Seagulls.

These five teams were in fact the same players who played on the Washington Generals. They just alternated the uniforms and took on those identities as they went from city to city, along with still competing as the Washington Generals every sixth game. This was done with the intent of giving the illusion that the Globetrotters were playing against multiple teams, rather than simply facing the same opponents every time.

How many basketball players have been able to say they played on five different teams at once? Or ever will again.

Interestingly it was during this period, and playing under their New Jersey Red's identity that the Generals scored their last and most celebrated win against the Harlem Globetrotters in Martin Tennessee. Although the number of how many games the Generals have actually won fluctuates (although has never been higher than six.) This win is the only one to actually be publicly recognized and has become a huge part of Generals/Globetrotter lore.

Meaning ironically, although it has always been acknowledged as a Washington Generals win, the only recognized win by the Generals was actually made when they were not playing AS the Generals.

After the 1971 season the experiment was considered a bust and the Washington Generals retired their Shamrocks, Reds, Rockets, and Seagull's uniforms continuing to once more face the Globetrotters only as the Washington Generals.

Copyright © 2007 by Jose Juan Gurrutxaga.All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.
This continued for the next 14 years until the Generals adopted their most famous alter ego of the New York Nationals. At the start of the 1995 season owner Red Klotz "disband" the Generals and formed the Nationals. This was done under the pretense of hoping that this new team could succeed where the Generals failed.

In actuality, just like their 1971 alter egos, this was merely an aesthetic change as they retained the same players and managers. This "new team" went on to face the Harlem Globetrotters for almost 12 years. Unfortunately for the Nationals, success eluded them just as it had the Generals and in their over a decade of play, the Globetrotters managed to hold onto their winning streak that they had been riding since 1971.

It was during the tail end of their run as the New York Nationals, however, that the Generals briefly took on their least known identity. On February 17th in 2007 NBA Pro Dennis Rodman formed a basketball team known as the Bad Boy All-Stars led by Rodman himself that would take on the Harlem Globetrotters on All-Star Weekend.

The roster for this team was strangely never announced in any of the pre-game or post-game coverage. However, many people who witnessed the game noticed that his team mates looks suspiciously like the the New York Nationals. Most notably player Shawn Faust, who's "shaggy like" appearance had long been a running gag at Globetrotter games making him easily recognizable.

Although it has never been officially confirmed it has been largely assumed, with obviously good reason, that the Bad Boy All-Stars were in fact the New York Nationals under yet another identity. The outcome was definitley familiar to the Nationals as they lost their only game against the Globetrotters 44-64.

The Bad Boy All-Stars score against the Globetrotters

In 2007 the New York Nationals "called it quits" and returned to the name we all know and love, The Washington Generals. In October 9th of 2007, at the 369th Harlem Armory the Generals once more faced the Harlem Globetrotters narrowly being defeated  54-50.

Indeed, in their over half a century long existence, the team that has become infamous for their bad luck against the Globetrotters has worn many team colors and taken on many names over the years. But it is no surprise that when all is said and done there is one name they never fail to come back to. For after all, just like the Harlem Globetrotters are one of a kind, in the hearts and minds of fans there will only ever be one Washington Generals.



The Washington Generals on ESPN2

I just found out that they are showing a repeat of the Washington Generals game against the Globetrotters on ESPN2. This was the game from Orlando, Florida that started off the season, and introduced the 4-point shot to the world.

Unfortunately their earlier showing just ended. But they will be replaying it tonight at 2AM Central time. So anyone who wants to see the Generals in action be sure to set your TIVO, or DVR or whatever you use.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where The Generals Will Play The Week of 5/15/11 - 5/21/11

Sorry there was no post yesterday, Blogger had some kind of problems and went to "read only" mode. Thus making me unable to post anything.

Here is the rundown of where the Generals will be playing the Harlem Globetrotters for the week of 5/15/11 - 5/21/11.

The Globetrotters will be finishing off their tour of Italy on Sunday, before heading off to Spain for most of the week, and finishing off on Saturday in Portugal.

If you are in the area be sure to come down and show your support for the Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters!

5/15/11 - At the Pala Credito di Romagna in Forli', Italy at 7:00 PM - BUY TICKETS
5/17/11 - At the Palacio Municipal De Deportes in Granada, Spain at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS
5/18/11 - At the Pabellon Bahia Sur in Cadiz, Spain at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS
5/19/11 - At the Palacio Municipal De Deportes - Vista Alegre  in Cordoba, Spain at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS
5/20/11 - At the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid, Spain at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS
5/21/11 - At the Drago Caixa in Porto, Portugal at 6:00PM 

And while we are talking about upcoming games, a video has shown up on YouTube from the arena where the Generals will play the Globetrotters on May 26th with ordering information.

If any of our visitors from the area are on this site, and can understand what I am typing, here is the video.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Just some quick things to share with my fellow Generals Fans today.

First off, "Big Easy" and "Flight Time" did an interview with RealityBlitz.com where they talked about their stint on Amazing Race. And about dealing with something they don't do much during their Globetrotter career. Lose. But they are taking it gracefully, good to see they learned something from the Generals about being good sports.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, in 2009 Lac Vegas Weekly did a completely unbiased account of the Washington Generals/Harlem Globetrotters rivalry. Although it is possible being in Vegas he is just sore that he couldn't bet on the seemingly sure thing.

For those of you on e-bay who want your own piece of Washington General memorabilia there is a cool item up for sale at THIS LINK. An old Washington Generals press photo featuring the great one himself, Red Klotz. Along with players Nick Yankowi, Bill Campion, Gerald Hooks, Lee Osborne, Frank Beretta, Clif Peyton, Steve Schmidt, Tom Mackay. It is going for 13.88 and anyone interested might want to consider getting it before I stop being broke and buy it for myself.

Well that is all for todays post. Tomorrow will be list of General games for the upcoming week as they continue their tour with the Globetrotters overseas. And this weekend I will take a look at the many different aliases that the Generals have gone by over the years. Think their stint as the New York Nationals was their only time they changed their name? You might be surprised at how many different aliases the Generals have had.

I hope everyone has a good day and on a final note...

Photo by Francesca D'Allura used with permission.

Couldn't resist. 

Photo by Francesca D'Allura used with permission.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Red Klotz Interview From A Little While Back

This is an old news report from around a year ago, but I am posting it on here because this video shows everything I love about the Washington Generals

Monday, May 9, 2011

Former Washington General Patrick Carley Passes Away

I am late reporting this as I just heard about it, but I recently learned that on April 3rd former Washington General Patrick Carley passed away at age 73.

Patrick was a member of the Washington Generals from 1961-1964. He was also an All-Catholic player at West Philadelphia Catholic High School, and inducted into the West Catholic Sports Hall of Fame.

I have no doubt he is now in a better place as I am sure that anyone who spent years helping entertain the world and make children laugh has a special place reserved for them in Heaven .

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Harlem Globetrotters Come Up Just Short on The Amazing Race

Photo by Shawn Kimball.
Used under Creative Commons.
Photo by Shawn Kimball.
Used under Creative Commons.
Generals rivals Big Easy Lofton and Flight Time Lang of the Harlem Globetrotters came up just shy on the season finale of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business where they came in second place in the season finale today. They finished just behind LaKisha and Jennifer.

Although playing for the long time rivals of the Washington Generals, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship that the Generals are famous for, we at The Washington Generals Fan Blog would like to congratulate them on such an outstanding showing as there is no shame in coming in second if you tried your best. Something the Washington Generals know all too well.

This was their second season on The Amazing Race having competed in the 2009 season as well, and so far a win has alluded them, another feeling the Washington Generals know all too well. But they played to win and that is all anyone can do.

Washington Generals in Granada

Here is an article about the Generals upcoming game against the Globetrotters in Granada on May17th. Even though it mostly mentions the Globetrotters.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why I Love The Washington Generals

Picture 079
Photo by Dinur Blum. Used under
Creative Commons.
A friend of mine recently asked me why I was a Washington Generals fan. Actually, she wasn't much of sports fan in general, so her actual question went more like, "So why are you a fan of these Generals guys and not the Globe Tingamajigs." Still, the intent was the same.

So it begs the question, what is it about a team that has lost over 10,000 games and counting to the same team, and had their last win against them all the way back in 1971, that I felt was worth paying tribute to with this blog? That is a fair question, but to me it is all about whether you put the value of the Generals on their stats (which without argument is not a pretty site), or what the team truly is.

Growing up I have always been a fan of the underdog, the guy not expected to win, the one who tries even when the odds are against them. It has always been an American tradition to rood for the underdog, whether it is the 1980 US Hockey Team beating the U.S.S.R. (A win not unlike the Generals fabled 1971 win.), if Charlie Brown will finally win a baseball game, if Rocky Balboa can win his next Boxing match, or Custer at Little Big Horn. American's always love the underdog.

In fact for a more contemporary example, you can look to YouTube singer Rebecca Black. Rebecca is a 13 year old aspiring singer, who after releasing a single and YouTube video was universally panned as the worst song ever with over 2 1/2 million dislikes. Yet she has amassed a strong and growing fan base for her inability to let the critics get her down and refusal to give up her dream.

I think it was this love for those who try to buck the odds that I took with me when at 9 years old my parents took me to see my first Globetrotter game. Up until that time all I knew the Globetrotters as was "those guys who helped Scooby Doo." Imagine my surprise to find out they were in fact real life people!

As my parents drove me to the game I asked the logical question, "Who are they playing?". Being the early 80's my home town of Oklahoma City was a long way from being the place the OKC Thunder would one day call home. So who was a basketball team coming here to face?

It was then that they explained to me about The Washington Generals. A team that traveled around the world facing the Globetrotters in every city. Yes friends... these were the sworn enemies of the guys who twice helped out Scooby Doo, and rescued Gilligan! With that in mind you would think I had found a team to boo for life. After all, the Globetrotters had Daffney and Shaggy for friends, who did the Generals have to speak on their behalf?

But as I sat in the arena waiting for the game to start and flipping through the program I saw a site others might remember as well. It was a picture of Red Klotz and the rest of the Generals sitting in their locker room looking over a blackboard. On one side of the blackboard the Globetrotters name was written with marks underneath it, each one representing their many victories against the Generals, and on the Generals side one lone mark signifying a win made before I was even born.

Suddenly it hit me, these weren't bad guys. This wasn't a team that hated Scooby Doo. This was a team who traveled the world facing off against a team who constantly beat them. But did they give up? No, they dusted themselves off and got back up again ready to try one more time. It's easy to win every day, but to loose every day yet never give up... that was something that spoke to me. It was also something easily admirable to a young child, who knew all to well the feeling of always coming up short in a world ruled by adults.

As the game went on I laughed at the antics, cracked up when the Globetrotters pulled the pants off of the hapless opponents, defied gravity with their trick shots and slam dunks, and even ducked as they faked out the crowd for the thousandth time with the infamous buckets of confetti. But as this went on I clapped every time the Generals scored a goal wondering if maybe, just maybe, they could beat the odds once more and add another check mark to that almost empty win column.

Sadly that night did not belong to the Generals, but even without being able to say I witnessed a history making moment I had a blast and still fondly remember that game to this day.

As the years went on I saw the Generals take on the Globetrotters time after time. And as I grew older and learned more about the underdogs I secretly cheered for, I came to realize how truly amazing and under appreciated a team they really were.

The Globetrotters are well known as the "Ambassadors of Basketball" for their travels all over the world introducing them to the great sport it is. And that is very much the truth, but you know who else has been right there with them the whole time? That's right, their constant opponents The Washington Generals. The Globetrotters may get all the glory for introducing Basketball to millions of fans all over the world, but they couldn't have done it without their constant adversaries right there with them.

And lets not forget their owner Red Klotz, a man who played with the Generals until the age of 63, and that is not even counting his prior basketball career before forming the Generals. A man who's career ran longer than any of the Globetrotters and is likely the longest career as a professional basketball player anyone has ever had. Surly with more than 13,000 games to his record, he has scored the most career point of anyone. Having played longer than any of the Globetrotters some would argue Klots may be the true world ambassador of basketball.

And lets not forget the other players. In the time they have been around, the Generals have had players who went on to play for the Globetrotters themselves, the NBA, and even briefly had an Olympic medalist don the green and yellow.

So how has a team that has gone on to host so many talented athletes become known to so many as "losers"? Frankly, because some people simply don't get what it is about the Generals that has made them in fact one of the winningnest teams in sports.

Their job is not, nor has it ever been to win championships. Like their long time rivals their job is to entertain a crowd. The fans may come to see the Globetrotters but it's the generals who see to it that the Trotters always do their best. It is the generals who are there to give the fans a foil to root against. And it is the Generals who are there to take the falls, the humiliation, and be the straight man the Globetrotters need to entertain the crowd. Much like Laurel would the nothing without Hardy and Gracie Allen would have been lost without George Burns, the Globetrotters would not be what they are today without the Generals.

Besides, lets all be honest. While most of us strive to be the Harlem Globetrotters of life, I think at the end of the day we all end up more as the Generals of life. But you know what? I am fine with that. Because what the Generals have taught me most of all is that if you do your best and "play to win" you are the true winner in life, not matter what the scoreboard says.

Photo Taken by Dinur Blum on 3/27/2009 Used via Flickr

Friday, May 6, 2011

Where The Generals Will Play The Week of 5/08/11 - 5/14/11

Here is the rundown of where the Generals will be playing the Harlem Globetrotters for the week of 5/08/11 - 5/14/11. If you are in the area be sure to come down and show your support for the Generals against the Harlem Globetrotters!

5/08/11 - At the Mediolanum Forum - Assago in Milan, Italy at 7:00PM - BUY TICKETS
5/09/11 - At the Lauretana Forum in Biella, Italy at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS
5/10/11 - At the Pala Raschi in Parma, Italy at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS
5/11/11 - At the Pala Estra in Siena, Italy at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS
5/12/11 - At the Palasport in Andria, Italy at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS
5/13/11 - At the PalAlberti in Barcellona Pozzo Di Gotto, Italy at 8:00PM - BUY TICKETS
5/14/11 - At the PalMinardi in Raqusa, Italy at 7:00PM - BUY TICKETS

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Former General's Second Book Coming Out Soon

I just wanted to inform everyone, especially any younger fans, that Book 2 of "The Treasure Hunter's Club" Series entitled "Breaking The Beale Code" will be out on May 7th. The Treasure Hunters Club is a series of books written by former Washington General Sean McCartney.

McCartney, now a school teacher is also the author of this exciting Young Adult series written for kids ages 8-14. The series details the adventures of treasure hunters Tommy and his Uncle Diamond Jack as they travel the world in search of riches. No doubt the two years McCartney spent traveling the globe against the globetrotters was an inspiration for the world adventures he now writes.

You can find more information about the books at WWW.TREASUREHUNTERSCLUBBOOK.COM.

You can also pre-order the book from Amazon.com by CLICKING HERE!

Also, you can order the first book, "The Secrets of the Magical Medallions" by CLICKING HERE!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Felger & Mazz vs. The Harlem Globetrotters

Check out this video of Felger and Mazz of 98.5 Boston. This is longer than the average Guest General video, but worth it as it is hilarious.

The conversations with Anthony Smith and coach Reggie Harrison cracks me up. With both Felger and Mazz the Generals would have played with more than 9 players for the first time in a long time. Despite the larger than normal roster the Globetrotters were still able to pull off a win. Better luck next time Generals.

Also, Kudos the the Generals for not taking this L. Bird player. They can't take every guy with a dream on their team.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Insight Into The Experience Of A Guest General

Dave Cummings of Hoops For Heroes had a chance to play as a guest General and make his 700,000th shot back in Marck of 2011.

For some insight into what it is like to play as a Guest General at a Globetrotter game CLICK HERE!

A Future General In The Making?

Ok probably more like a future WNBA player in the making, although the Generals could sure use her. But here is a YouTube video of the Globetrotters doing trick shots with UCONN's own Husky, Caroline Doty.

For those who haven't heard Caroline Dotty of the UCONN Huskies has been out with an ACLU but had taken YouTube by storm recently with her video of some insane trick shots. (You can CLICK HERE to check that out. Although the sound seems to not be working) She recently worked out with and shot hoops with the Globetrotters.

I got to say I am not sure which one had the more impressive trick shots. That through one hoop into the other hoop shot was insane. I don't want to play Horse with any of these three.

It is a shame about her ACLU injury because she would have been an awesome Guest General that night. Of course the Trotters might have been afraid she would upstage them.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where The Generals Will Play The Week of 5/01/11 - 5/07/11

Welcome to the first of my post that will give a rundown of where the Washington Generals will be playing the Globetrotters for the week.

Ordinarily I will cover the full week, but since I started this blog today I will just be featuring the games left for this week. 

In the future I will post the schedule for the upcoming week (Sunday-Saturday) the preceding Saturday night.

5/03/11 - At the Topsportcentrum in Rotterdam, Netherlands at 7:40AM - BUY TICKET
5/04/11 - At the County Hall in Liege, Belgium at 8:30PM - BUY TICKETS 
5/05/11 - At the Evenementenhal Schiervelde in Roesalere, Belgium at 8:30 PM - BUY TICKETS

If you are in the area, which is cool if you are and reading my blog. Come to the game and show the Generals your support!

Nancy Lieberman Comments On The 4 Point Shot.

This is an older video, but since this is a new blog I am posting it anyway.

Check out Nancy Lieberman, Basketball Hall of Famer and former General (1988), commenting on the 4-point shot. I am going to get a big smile if the NBA does adopt the 4-point shot. It seems unlikley but the NFL and college football have borrowed from the XFL. So anything is possible.

Welcome The The Fansite Of the Washington Generals

Greetings Washington Generals fans. Welcome to my fan site for the greatest team to never have a winning season. The Washington Generals, storied rivals of the Harlem Globetrotters.

I am sure almost anyone is familiar with the legendary Harlem Globetrotters. The team that has been traveling the world entertaining fans and adults alike and doing more to introduce other countries to the greatest sport in the world than anyone else.

But less celebrated, but no less important are the Washington Generals. The team that for most of the Globetrotters career has traveled alongside them. While the Generals losing streak is legendary this team has been largeley unapreciated. The Globetrotters would not be where they are today without the Generals who have largeley been ignored and under appreciated.

I plan to fix that. This blog will pay tribute baskeball's greatest underdogs with articles, fan musings and news about this great team. And I mean that with no sarcasm. While the generals have bareley ever won a game against the globetrotters (the actual number vary but has never been reported to be more than six wins), they have shown that winning is not determines by the final score of the game.

I hope to see many of you back here as I do my part to prove that sometimes the greatest heroes, are the ones who never take the glory.